Location: Roselyn Court, Essendon, Victoria

Oh boy!!! What a roller coaster ride of emotions during Rebecca and Brian’s wedding!! The sight of Grandpa Frank escorting his beautiful granddaughter down the aisle made me cry as well as Sophie, Rebecca’s matron of honour  and we were grabbing for the tissues and we were only at the Introduction! When I lit a candle in memory of Rebecca’s parents it brought tears to not only Rebecca’s eyes but many of the guests. THEN…once we had survived that flood of emotions, cheeky Brian started on his “one-liners” that kept making Rebecca and I laugh, so then it was tears of joy that were shed. Just as well I aways carry a good supply of tissues in my folder!

Rebecca’s couture Raffaele Cuica gown was a little bit modern and very romantic: exquisite appliqué lace over a full tulle ball gown, accessorised with a delicate crystal belt and she looked absolutely divine.

I just know that with Brian around…Rebecca..you are in for lots of laughs!